MyInnovationJourneyS.com (MijS) is the flagship offering of DWM Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

It is an online platform for individuals and organisations to evolve their abilities to make disproportionate growth happen in their context by leveraging systematic ways to innovate.

The quest for innovation-based growth never ends. The ones who succeed with it once, take-on the next higher quest and strive to kindle the spark in others too.

Hence, the plurality in the name ... 'journeys'.

Transformative growth journeys, whether innovation based or otherwise, are always very specific to people pursuing these and the context in which these are pursued.

Hence, the personalisation with the term 'my'

Best wishes for your journeys and look forward to contributing to its success!


The core purpose of DWM Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is to simplify systematic ways of innovation, encourage and enable everyone to leverage it for making disproportionate growth happen continuously in their contexts.

The situation of having many definitions and methods for innovation makes it difficult for individuals and organisations to leverage for making growth happen in their context.

This is analogous to traversing through a desert and having to Deal With Mirages. This is the genesis of the name...
DWM Innovations.

DWM Innovations Pvt. Ltd. provides a comprehensive approach to innovation that simplifies and integrates globally proven methodologies. It is centred around the need of the context and from the perspective of the people applying it. This approach can be customised and even personalised which makes it easy to adapt, apply and imbibe almost all contexts.

To be in tune with the emerging methodologies, and contexts of our beneficiaries, we continuously strive to innovate around our approach and offerings as well.

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Shreyas Bakshi, Innovation Wor(k)shipper,
has nearly 35 years of experience in diverse roles on innovation in a wide variety of domains and contexts.

Over the last decade he has facilitated leaders of 100+ organisations to

  • Identify game-changing product, service & business offerings
  • Transform process efficiencies by
    ~50% and more
  • Institutionalise innovation culture to add ~10% additional profits
  • Build a pipeline of opportunities to turnaround, future-proof, gain market-share etc.

This was achieved by enabling 2500+ people who

  • Generated at least 2x more solutions than other approaches
  • Voluntarily raised their goals/ targets/ aspirations
  • Enhanced collaboration within and across teams
  • Imbibed the approach and enabled others to apply it

A glimpse of his approach, experiences and impact are documented in

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