Innovation journeys can be aimed
to make disproportionate growth of:


  • Ingrain a culture of innovation
  • Build an adaptive organisation
  • Develop talent into intrapreneurs


  • Become a high performer
  • Develop skills of leadership/ entrepreneurship
  • Gain exposure to diverse domains


  • Find new Opportunities
  • Strengthen existing offerings
  • Operational efficiencies/ efficacies

We support such journeys through our offerings mentioned below.

e-Learn Online Learning Platform

Innovation is not just an in-born trait but
can be acquired and developed as a skill.

MijS e-Learn is an online learning platform for students, enthusiasts, and professionals to know more about the systematic ways of innovation.

MijS e-Learn is your guide aimed to enhance innovation skills at a level and role that you wish to attain, drive specific projects, or institutionalise innovation.

It can enable you to identify areas even when you do not know where to innovate but still wish to innovate. It can also enable you to find the role and level of capability that would suit you the best.

Each concept &/or technique is introduced through a short video presentation with examples and followed by exercises to be completed offline. Option to seek guidance for understanding these better and applying these is available.

Some of the techniques covered are to:

  • Generate innovative thoughts
  • Engage with people for innovation
  • Drive innovation projects
  • Institutionalise innovation

The techniques can be applied to:

  • All Domains/ Industries
  • Many areas including product, process, technology,
    business model, institutionalising etc.
  • Various levels of complexities i.e. Incremental to breakthrough
  • Identify innovation areas, opportunities and solutions


AssessmentA set of online probes

Our set of online ASSESSMENT probes are designed for enable individuals and organisations to identify their usual ways and potentially newer ways of pursuing their desired growth.

These probes can be used to do self-assessment as well as seek feedback from others who have engaged with you in the given context. Gaps in assessments by self and others are to be used as triggers to start an honest conversation with them on the reasons behind it. Such conversations enable uncovering the current ways in greater depths.

See some sample outputs.

We highly recommend individuals and organisations to pick one or two elements to shift each quarter and monitor the shifts periodically. It is for this purpose that we have 12-months plan (PLAN C) for these assessments. However, if one wishes, we have an option for other plans (PLAN A or B) as well. Please refer to our PRICING PLANS for details.

Guidance Live interactions

Whenever you need guidance to either evolve, imbibe &/ or apply the new ways to make disproportionate growth happen in your context, you can book an online GUIDANCE session. These are intended to deal with your specific issues.

We have classified the need for guidance into different bands. Each band would have a guide with relevant expertise and experience. You may select a combination of multiple bands as well. Please select the MIX that you deem most appropriate for your needs.

We may also host some open sessions to facilitate group learning on specific topics. Information about such sessions will be shared via our various communication channels. Any paid event/ content will have its pricing information in the communication. We suggest that you either visit our EVENTS page regularly and/ or FOLLOW US on social media platforms, and/ or SUBSCRIBE to our email updates.

CertificationFor Individuals

Individuals who accomplish a particular milestone in their journeys, could seek certification of their credentials. See THE COMPETENCIES and a SAMPLE CERTIFICATE.

Our experts along with the stakeholders of your journey would assess the same and grant you the certification for that accomplishment. They would also guide you towards your next milestone.

Like Guidance session, Certification plans have also been prepared in different bands. Please select the MIX that is right for your context.

The current PRICING PLANS are for the Basic levels of each Role and Complexity Level.

Organisations could also plan to develop their people for specific roles and competency levels that are relevant for their context. While seeking certification, the individuals have to also apply the new ways in their areas of work. These have invariably, given transformative outcomes which yields very high RoI on the costs incurred on Certification.

Custom/ Bespoke Solutions

We can evolve solutions which are relevant to your context.

Contact Us for an Exploratory Conversation to discuss.