Some typical outcomes that can be expected when innovation is applied to:

  • Individual
  • Business
  • Organisation

Transform your career to the next higher levels continuously by

  • Exploring

    Different growth-paths and your strengths in innovation

  • Planning

    Your personal path to acquire/hone skills

  • Delivering

    Transformative results even while you are acquiring/ honing the skills

  • Progressing

    Continuously and managing course corrections, as needed

Make a transformative impact on various aspects of the business including

  • Find New

    Find new business opportunities in the existing, adjacent and/or newer domains

  • Strengthen Existing

    Reinvent/ fortify/ future-proof existing business/ take-on the competition

  • Transform Operations

    Make it more efficient, typically, 2x output and/or ½ input or higher

  • Align a diverse team

    At any level and/or partner networks towards a common purpose

  • Manage Pipeline

    Of innovation opportunities across all relevant areas

Design and structure an organisation that fosters innovation through

  • Processes

    Customised and contextualised processes
    e.g. Driving innovation journeys from identification to implementation Managing Innovation Portfolios and inter-weaving the journeys

  • Platforms

    That accelerate innovation journeys
    e.g. Incubation, Concept Development, Start-up Engagement, Collaboration with other Public/Private/Academic bodies

  • Practices

    That enable the journeys
    e.g. Setting Aspirational Goals, Handling Failures, Reward, Recognition, Cross-learn from other journeys, domains etc.

  • Principles

    That the people can live-by
    e.g. People Engagement Principles, Funding Allocation Principles Journey and Solution Prioritisation Principles etc.

  • People

    Roles, responsibilities, reporting, capability enhancement etc.
    e.g. Innovation Team structure, Approach Awareness Program Intrapreneurship Development Initiative

Please refer to all ENDORSEMENTS to get a glimpse of outcomes delivered so far



  • Roles
  • Modes
  • Process

Your Thinking Buddy/ ‘Sounding Board’

  • Advisor

    For strategising innovation

  • Navigator

    For driving innovation journeys

  • Architect

    For structuring organisations and/ or initiatives for innovation

  • Guide

    For innovation management teams

  • Coach

    For individuals who wish to imbibe systematic approach to innovation

  • Mentor

    For applying innovation skills to specific areas

  • Logs

    Books, videos, blogs etc. to share learnings gained from first-hand experiences

  • Interactions

    Large group engagements to exchange generic thoughts and experiences

  • Huddles

    1-to-1 or small group discussion to accomplish any specific task

  • Diagnose

    To uncover the current and desired states and few focus areas through questionnaire and discussion based surveys

  • Design

    To co-evolve a plan to move from current to desired state through discussions with key stakeholder(s)

  • Deploy

    The journey as per the aligned plan through various modes of engagement


  • Achievements
  • Experience
  • Approach

Institutionalised *

Innovation in two corporates where apart from identifying few game-changer opportunities:

  • Co-evolved a customised approach for each
  • Guided 1000+ operational innovation teams to generate at least 2x more impactful ideas
  • Developed internal teams to cascade the approach

At one of these corporates:

  • Embedded innovation into their business strategy
  • Added ~10% additional profits year-on-year


  • SMEs on growth and diversification strategies


  • 100+ breakthrough innovation projects to either identify and/or crystallise new opportunities
  • 5000+ people to learn basic skills of innovation and apply these to their chosen areas
  • Leadership culture transformation that resulted in higher operating margins


  • Innovators and their innovative ideas from concept to commercialisation


  • Ventures based on very early stage technologies and headed it’s P&L

35 years of multi-faceted work experience

Performed 5+ roles

Innovator, Manager, Founder, Advisor, Mentor, Consultant, Head of Corporate Innovation

Across 5+ sectors

Start-up, SME, LME,
MNC, and Public

Handled 10+ technologies

CAE, 3D Printing, Rapid Mfg. , InfoCom, Telemedicine, Wearables, Garments, Serious Games, Automation,

Expertise across
10+ domains

Engineering, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Media, Digital, Farm Equipment, Agriculture, Finance, Real Estate, Special Purpose Machines

Worked with
5+ Innovation methods

Orbit-shifting Innovation, TRIZ (SI version), Biomimicry, Design Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Open Innovation

200+ organisations

Mahindra Group, Erehwon, Zee Group, Anand Group, Knight Frank, Edelweiss, NHS, Univ. of Warwick, Westinghouse Lighting

  • Tailored
    For Your
  • Building Comfort
    Your Comfort Zone
  • Focussed On
  • Making It
    and Scalable
  • ‘Hand-Holding’
    Until Needed
    to Self-sustain
  • Dealing With
    The Mirage;
    Visit Book Site
  • ‘Breaking the Silos’
    of Innovation
    Read Paper
  • MIND
    The Language
    of Innovation
    Watch Video
  • Nature
    Watch Video
  • Innovation for PBT
    not just PPT
  • Innovation + Domain
    + Management

    = Disproportionate Value
  • ResultsActionsBeliefs
  • Keep
    Multiple Plates
  • Ideation
  • Innovation Management
    Stage-Gates, Hackathons
    ‘Idea-Management Apps


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