Conditions of Use

Version 1.0. Released on 11th June 2022

These Conditions of Use outlines the manner in which manage the delivery of specific Offerings. These are in addition to the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy mentioned under the Legal pages of the Website.


  • Payments made for Assessments are non-refundable.
  • Data created by the users will be stored until 30 days after the expiry of the plan. It can be retrieved by activating the account within this period. Start of new period will be from end of expired period.


  • Payments made for the Guidance sessions are non-refundable.
  • All sessions booked are to be availed during the period mentioned below:
    • Validity of sessions booked at a time is as follows:
      • 30-days for less than 5 sessions
      • 60-days for 6 to 15 session
      • 90-days for 16 to 30 session
      • 12-months for more than 30 session
  • There will be no refund or rescheduling of any session(s) not utilised during the above-mentioned period
  • Please also refer to Rescheduling clause on the Website Terms of Use for the utilisation of the sessions during the period mentioned above.


  • Base Fee includes:
      • 8 guidance sessions of 30-minutes each,
      • Assessment Interview and Convocation.
  • Base Fee does NOT include:
      • Need for any additional
      • Guidance sessions,
      • Access to e-Learning content
      • Event participation costs etc.
      • Fees for these are to be paid when you need
  • Only the Base Fee is to be paid now. Fees for additional offerings to be paid as per the terms of the specific offerings.
  • The Base Fee is valid only until the Duration mentioned in each Plan. In case the User is unable to complete the requirements of the Certification as per the Plan subscribed for then it will be considered as lapsed and fresh set of Offerings will have to be subscribed for.

Version 1.0. Released on 11th June 2022