Leaders' Guidebook for Instutionalising innovation.

Based practical lessons learnt over a decade from direct engagements with leaders across 100+ corporates by:
Shreyas Bakshi an Innovation Wor(k)shipper

Available worldwide in digital and print editions


Despite having substantial knowledge and expertise at their disposal, quite a few leaders who want to institutionalise innovation are unable to do so.

The situation that they find themselves in, is what I call a 'mirage'.

In this book, I share my learnings on how leaders can deal with this mirage.

I have also shared two case stories where I have been directly involved in institutionalising innovation.

The intent of this book is to trigger new thoughts in the minds of the leaders who are passionate about innovation and intend to institutionalise it across their organisation.


The book attempts to address the following questions

  • What is innovation?
  • Is innovation about ideation only?
  • We have established NPD/ R&D methods. Hence, do we need innovation methods?
  • We are already innovating. Why do anything more?
  • Can Innovation be an acquired skill?
  • Should we have a separate innovation team? If so, what should be their role?
  • Should innovation aim to find a few big bets? Or work on many small bets?
  • What is institutionalising?
  • Can innovation be done methodically?
  • We hear about so many methods/ approaches to innovation. Which one should we adopt?
  • We don't have enough time to manage our regular tasks. How do we find time for innovation?
  • Should only a few or everyone in the organisation innovate?
  • Who should lead the journey, and how should the rest of the organisation be structured?
  • How long to continue ideating? We need to implement the ideas too!

It also includes Recommended Good Practices, Guiding Principles, and two Case Stories


From people who have been a part of these experiences



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